We mean that is not just a Green Energy


We mean the way of the Future

About Us

Having behind seven robust years of arduous work and healthy experience in biofuel commodities development within Scandinavian Countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belorussia, France, Russian Federation, Germany, Benelux, UK, Ireland and Italy, we had determined to establish brand new entity/company, which assignment would sum up the prime solutions and products within environmentally friendly fuels segment, plus not only fuels.

We want BEST for our customers !

Bein' Green isn't easy sometimes, though we do concur with multiplicity of challenges, doing our best in striving to perfection. Tough work. Assertive and positive attitude to life and business. Belief in our strength. Respect for the nature and different cultures. Choosing decent partners.

That would be GREENERGIE's root principle in apprehending the core issues of how the things works.

Do Business with us. Be cool. Be Green.


What else? Nespresso?


22.12.15 - Our factory will be closed for the coming annual Holidays from tomorrow. We reopen again on January 5th, 2016. Our team wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016 !

23.10.15 - Availability of still unbooked goods for next quarter : KD ash - 1 load / pw ; Pellets 6mm - 2 loads / pw ; RUF briquettes - 1 load / pw. Please do send your inquiries to sales@greenergie.ee or info@greenergie.ee as usually. Let it snow, let it snow ! )

22.09.15 - Dear Customers ! Due to frequent / constant haulage providers fails and whole logistic market interruption ( only for UK/IRL/DK/FR/IT/BE/NL/PT markets ) re bookings/deliveries/equipment availability etc., for the last 8-10 months, we do strongly recommend to consider your future orders on EXW terms versus DAP. All current orders will be delivered in due time. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

22.07.15 - Our plant will be closed for summer holidays from next week till third week of August, then business as usual. We kindly require to arrange all urgent pick ups this week. We wish all our partners good and festive summer break !

15.07.15 - Current summer price for 6mm pellets is still in force till September. We suggest to reserve your volumes in time, before winter prices switches. Thank you.

27.06.15 - Additional 1500 m3 of Ash has been acquired from local forestry officials. Thus, new contracts of kiln dried product are opened for coming winter season. Please do inquire as normally @ info@greenergie.ee or sales@greenergie.ee

11.05.15 - Thank you to all of our present and Future customers, for interesting meetings at hugely successful Glasgow @All Energy 2015 ! We hope all issues discussed will be sealed with solid deeds. Individual gratitude to Mr Jeremy Jacobs from REA !

04.04.15 - Our current price for RUF briquettes for Summer volume is €80 MT EXW. Please do inquire for volumes availability or DAP quote.

05.01.15 - Happy New 2015 Year !!! We wish to all our good customers energetic Year, full of pleasant and advantageous deeds ! Our EXW price for RUF briquettes is 105€ / MT for the month of January. Please do inquire for costs and availability of other products !

24.12.14 - GREENERGIE Team wishes White and Merry Christmas to all who’ve been with us this arduous Year 2014 ! It made us all more prepotent, wiry and firm, therefore good relaxation is absolutely truly deserved ! Happy Holidays !!!

01.10.14 - Due to current freight market complications, we might experience slight delays in deliveries to Denmark, Italy and Benelux. Also freight prices has been changed since August, 2014. Please do accept our apologies if any inconveniences should occur in coming month. We hope situation will get back to normal soon...

24.04.14 - Well.. Let's be clear on that. It looks like there might be disruption in gas supply to EU within near Future.. Close Future.. Far Future.. Whatever.. We still do have constant sawdust (as a byproduct) supply to create pellets and briquettes. And we still do have same EXW 99€.. So far.. For that moment.. What else??
PS And (!!!!) let's not forget about our premium kiln dried ash and oak firewood (alder, birch, yew, as well). Nicely packed with care within our hand made crates. Please, do inquire for volume and availability.

30.03.14 - Some say, the winter we have behind, was the hottest one since 1981... This is statistics... All we know, is that the real 'heat' was around 4-6 B.C. Or maybe a bit earlier... Anyhow, we still do press sawdust to make briquettes to make you feel warm, when it's snow outside. Please do inquire our Spring/Summer EXW price for that product.

04.01.14 - We wish all the best in 2014 to Everyone We know !! Let it be Good and Prosperous Year !! Happy New Year !!!

24.12.13 - GREENERGIE wishes Merry and White Christmas to all our partners and their Families !

11.11.13 - Last available unbooked 500 MT of RUF briquettes at 125€ EXW. Please do call or email for reservation.

19.09.13 - Augmenting our peat moss processing line, helped us to double volume for that product. Still most popular fraction 0 - 20 mm / 0 - 40, with pH 3,5 - 4,5. Please do inquire for price and availability.

31.05.13 - Two brand new briquetting presses just has been installed at our Belorussian woodwork plant. As a result, + 1000 MT on a monthly basis of premium quality RUF briquettes. Please do enquire for summer price.

31.01.13 - We are closing our summer volume contracts for pellets/ briquettes/ firewood in coming month. Please do send Your inquiries for prices and products availability. We wish you happy 2013 !

24.12.12 - GREENERGIE Team wish all of You Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013 ! Let 2013 be more prosperous, fruitful, full of nice surprises and great success ! Happy New Year !!!

04.09.12 - Our fresh fir Christmas Trees, planted last autumn, have been just checked and reported to be ready to join Your White Christmas very soon. Please visit products section for more info.

18.06.12 - Our current price for the stock of 2000 MT of RUF briquettes is 95 EUR/t. Regular price 120 EUR/t will return in 

21.04.12 - Expanding our kindling processing line, allowed us to increase volume of that product up to 86,400 net-sacks per month. That is 1,036,800 units per year. And we just warming up. Please do not wait to reserve volume first. We are happy to receive your price and volume request as usually @ info@greenergie.ee OR our always fresh and helpful sales department @ sales@greenergie.ee.

14.02.12 - RUF briquettes at a stock price 99 EUR/t !! Current volume 700t. Offer is valid until goods are available. Please do call or email to proceed with the deal.

22.12.11 - GREENERGIE wishes a Merriest Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our partners ! Let 2012 brings You more positive emotions and more successful deals !!

10.10.11 - Used briquetting press 440 is for sale. Perfect condition. Please do email for details.

15.08.11 - Brand new matrix for 6mm pellets production has been just installed at one of the production plants. Extra 480 MT are available now of that product on a monthly basis. Packed in 15kg plastic packs or big bags. Please do email us for the price.

12.04.11 - Last AVAILABLE volume of 300 MT of briquettes for the summer !!! Please email info@greenergie.ee for the price

31.03.11 - Greenergie has fulfilled all obligations towards their customers in 2010 - 2011 heating season. We do appreciate your trust in us. 2011 - 2012 seаson will be as much stable as previous. We say : That is the Way of the Future

29.11.10 - Ukrainian's main Government running institution of the SALT production did sign a contract for the Road Salt delivery within EU countries. Greenergie... What else?